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Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro review: a budget gaming monster phone

You will easily get over a day and a half worth of use even if you’re a heavy user, and with 33W fast charging, it takes just an hour to fully charge the battery. The design also does not attract any fingerprints and I like it when companies designed their smartphones like this. Design-wise, this model is an absolute stunner and looks fantastic for everyday usage.

  • First it fall on street, then driven with my bike over the phone.
  • The phone is protected from splashes and dust according to the IP53 standard.
  • You also have the option to buy a 6 GB/ 64 GB variant with the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max.
  • Many more features are available on this custom ROM that you may not see on others.

When you have a high-performance device, you can have a much better gaming experience, and it is unlikely that you will encounter problems such as lag during interface transitions. Snapdragon, MediaTek and other manufacturers have designed a number of chipsets.

poco x3 pro stock rom

In the PCMark test, the lavishly dimensioned energy storage device achieved an average runtime of 12 stock firmware hours and 56 minutes. This should allow the vast majority of users to get by for one and a half to two days without a power supply. You can only visually distinguish between the Poco X3 NFC and the X3 Pro by their color. The Pro model is available in blue, black and “metal bronze”, the basic version only in blue and grey. The blue tone of the Pro version is also lighter than that of the NFC model.

Of all the recoveries out there, TWRP is considered the safest and finest. At present, this recovery was not present in an official state for POCO X3 Pro. However, this unofficial build can be used temporarily to replace your stock recovery. Lastly, we recommend Arrow OS custom ROM as one of the best ROMs to enjoy the Android experience on rooted devices. This OS is stable, supports customization, and comes with many valuable features you’ll love. Arrow OS is available for many Android devices, similar to the CrDroid ROM customization.

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